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Core Charges

What is a core charge?

When you purchase a re-manufactured engine from Engine Parts Only, you are required to pay a deposit called a "core charge" until we have assessed the condition of your old engine also known as a core engine. The core is what an engine rebuilder starts with to rebuild or remanufacture a short block or long block. It is, simply, a used engine that has to be purchased by the engine rebuilder. We price the core out separately so that it can be returned for a refund if the customer chooses. It may not be cost effective to return the core if the freight amount is greater than the core refund due. In that case we recommend the core be sold locally. Remember, all engine rebuilders buy cores for rebuilding. Some rebuilders include the core charge in the engine price, not giving you the option to return it for a refund.

Why do I have to pay a Core Charge?

So, your engine has given up the ghost, and now you need a GoWesty replacement. There are a number reasons why your engine failed or may need replacement. With each engine we have to address those issues before we begin the re-manufacturing process. If you've had a catastrophic failure, such as a rod blowing through the side of the engine block, you can understand that your engine block is no longer rebuildable and therefore, your core is less valuable. Every part of your core has an assigned value.

Engine Parts Only considers a rebuildable core to be a factory block that can be bored over to 020, 030 or 040, crank must rotate freely with rods and pistons still installed. Core return block must be free of holes or cracks and in rebuildable condition. Core returns must not have any modified, missing pieces, or extra parts. Engine Parts Only must receive original main caps installed with all bolts. Cylinder heads sent to Engine Parts Only for the purpose of a core must include when applicable, all camshafts, camshaft caps with bolts, springs, keepers, retainer clips and spring pads and any/or all parts included with the replacement engine. There will be a charge for the removal of any parts, brackets, bolts, or accessories that remain on your core return that are not included on your replacement engine. Crankshafts sent to Engine Parts Only for the purpose of a core must be able to be turned and polished to the next bearing

How do I get my core charge back?

When you receive your engine Engine Parts Only or with a core charge you are responsible for the packaging and shipping of the item. Items must be returned to Engine Parts Only in the original box or an additional charge may apply. Transfer over all original components not included and return all components included with purchase. It is your responsibility to package items returned to Engine Parts Only or securely to avoid further damages. Shipping cost and/or insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser in order to receive core refund. Once Engine Parts Only or receives your core it will be examined and if deemed acceptable/rebuildable a refund will be issued. Engine Parts Only wants to provide you with an engine that you can trust and we can stand behind 100%. This is the only way we can offer a industry leading 7 year warranty. We have a fantastic track record and if we were to turn a blind eye toward the quality of the cores we receive, the next customer in line would receive an inferior engine. You wouldn’t want that customer to be you, and neither do we.
How long do I have to return my core charge item?
In order customer core return to be considered for reimbursement core must be returned promptly. Once your core is received Engine Parts Only will examine your item and if money is due Engine Parts Only will refund your core charge within 30 days of receiving items. Starting from the day Engine Parts Only ships customers replacement engine, we must receive customers core return by the close of the 45th day, or by the close of the next business day thereafter should we happen to be closed on the 45th day, or else no core chares will be refunded. If a core return is received by Engine Parts Only after the 45 day core return period that is no longer eligible for a return will be held by Engine Parts Only for 30 days. Within this 30 day rejected core holding period customer rejected core returns may be shipped back to the customer at the customers expense and the customer must arrange and provide shipping through a third party shipping company. If for any reason the 30 day rejected core return period lapses on any core return Engine Parts Only will dispose of the rejected core. and will have 45 returned to the Engine Parts Only facility. Once your core is received Engine Parts Only will examine your item and if money is due Engine Parts Only will refund your core charge within 30 days of receiving items.